March 18, 2020


Effective immediately the Radke Film Group, which includes Common Good, Free Society, Filmgroup Vancouver, OPC, Radke, Soft Citizen and Steam Films will instate the following measures to help protect our clients, employees, freelancers (as well as all their families) from COVID-19.

This week's message from the World Health Organization was unequivocal – humanity's success in tackling this pandemic is heavily dependent on the actions taken by organizations over the next several days. We must assist in mitigating the spread of the virus and protect our healthcare systems from overload. This, in conjunction with recent statements from our Prime Minister and Premier, has made it abundantly clear that we must move towards a new level of containment.

We hope you’ll understand that these measures are essential and based on the latest medical and governmental advice. They are designed to protect your safety, your families' safety, and the safety of the advertising community in which we all operate and live. These steps also demonstrate the group's leadership as responsible, purpose-led companies.

We are aware that these temporary changes to our working arrangements will have an impact on our lives and on our workflow. None of these measures have been taken without careful thought and consideration. Please be reassured that we will support you through this change as best we can.

Further information and regular updates will follow. This will include more details on the protocols being put in place to help protect clients, agencies, staff and crew members. Also, for those of you who might be on an extended period of working from home, we will be sharing more guidance on how to effectively complete tasks while working remotely.

These are unprecedented times. Now, more than ever we need to stay calm, be resourceful, and do what we do best: focus on supporting each other, meeting the changing needs of our clients and helping our extended film family manage through this difficult time.

We are committed to preserving our employees’ health, welfare, and ability to perform their roles, while also keeping our communities safe.

We are closely following recommendations from the World Health Organization on how to limit the spread, including but not limited to: avoiding international air travel, washing hands regularly, working remotely, maintaining social distancing and avoiding gatherings of 50 or more people.

All of these measures are applicable to our staff, our freelancer production teams and our independent contractors, irrespective of their role or location. We trust that our clients and suppliers are aligned and have implemented similar procedures.

All office-based employees have been asked to work from home, but remain fully reachable. Employees who want or need to work at the office must get approval from their immediate supervisors.

The good news is that the initial steps taken in the production process are normally completed remotely and can continue without disruption. Briefing, pitching and bidding are things we can be doing while we await the proper authorization to get back to filming.

Our recommendation at this time is that advertisers continue selecting directors, briefing, pitching and bidding, stopping short of an actual award. The idea is simply about being ready to shoot as soon as we are able to do so.

Proposed process moving forward:

  • Director search.
  • Shortlist.
  • Brief.
  • Directors pitch & bids submitted.
  • Agency picks a recommended director.
  • Client approves director & budget (Verbal Award)
  • HOLD on signed awards to avoid unnecessary costs.

By not officially awarding jobs, our collective financial exposure would be mitigated or likely avoided all together. Clients, agencies and production companies would not be facing cancellation costs or additional expenses associated to the COVID - 19 virus if a project has not officially awarded.

Revising timelines and extending production schedules will likely prove to be the most challenging hurdle in the weeks ahead, but with open communication with our production partners and regular updates we are confident this can be managed efficiently and effectively.

As things evolve, we will continue to update you. If you have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Producers at their respective companies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Stay safe, stay well, and take care.